• heal your gut. heal your mind.

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heal your gut. heal your mind.

Welcome to NataliaAzad Wellness

 I believe in a holistic approach to healing the mind, body & soul that reconnects people to their true nature. We are souls experiencing life in physical form & we have so much power, love, & passion to create a life that fulfills our purpose. As a holistic nutritionist & health coach, my goal is to educate & guide my clients to create a sustainable & wholesome approach to their dietary habits & begin their journey to achieve their health & wellness goals. We all face unique challenges & require personalized treatment plans to heal any ailments that we may be experiencing. We are also not attached to our illness or disease, & we have the power to change our lives for the better.

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client testimonial

Speaking to Natalia was something I looked forward to every week! She completely transformed my relationship with food. I really appreciate her approach...

inam f. | los angeles, ca

client testimonial

..I met Natalia a few years back and took a few sessions with her during this confusing time period and I learned so much about myself and my purpose. It was great to have someone who understood my background as an athlete...

rheina a. | los angeles, ca