rheina a. | los angeles, ca 

 I was in a very confusing space once things slowly started to open up in the middle of 2021. The pandemic forced me to be still, but once I was able to resume what I thought was my "normal life" I felt very lost. I met Natalia a few years back and took a few sessions with her during this confusing time period and I learned so much about myself and my purpose. It was great to have someone who understood my background as an athlete but also giving suggestions on the smallest changes that can make a big difference. She was able to give me some guidance on things like where I grocery shop, my daily habits, even sharing some recipes or resources that would help me reach my health goals, not anyone else, but mine. I highly recommend Natalia if you're looking for a wellness coach who really knows her stuff but also caters her program to your needs. 


inam f. | los angeles, ca

   Speaking to Natalia was something I looked forward to every week! She completely transformed my relationship with food. I really appreciate her approach, she directed me in the right path but also gave me the ability to trust myself with any/every food. She was so open to giving me new ideas and great suggestions for places  to try. I really appreciated how compassionate and nonjudgmental she was during our conversations.


emma r. | los angeles, ca

my coaching program with natalia was beyond special. i went to her for mindful eating but realized what i needed was to get in control of my daily stressors and completely change up my routine. in doing that, i was reminded that everything is all connected. all of this happened organically- and our 12 weeks together flew by because of how in sync and in-tune we became. she showed me that i need to trust myself, my power, and reassess what i take on - on the daily. natalia helped implement really great (small step) habits for me to hit and then weekly and then monthly and i realized a lot of these big scary tasks i have been avoiding are very digestible with a clear- open-mind. we pin-pointed what needed to go to create space for bigger and better opportunities that were more aligned with who i am. and full circle- being able to create a new routine naturally made me want to be more mindful with what i consume and how creative i got in the kitchen! i highly recommend indulging in a health coaching package with natalia- she meets you exactly where you are at and helps re-center the ship when you feel a bit off course.